GTO Philippines? Who are They?

Good health is an important component of human development, not only because it makes people’s lives better, but also because having a healthy and long life enhances their ability to learn, acquire skills, and contributes to society. Indeed, good health is a fundamental right of every human being.


GTO Philippines is an international organization that was purposefully built to actively address and change the aforementioned scenario not only in the Philippines, but worldwide.  We have multi-level partner agreements with the foremost scientific organizations in regards to emergency cardiovascular, stroke and first aid.  Our courses are developed by the global leaders in various fields including the American Heart Association, the American Safety and Health Institute, Los Angeles Fire Department, International Nanny Association and others, and in the best way to combat accidental death due to trauma.  We provide several class modules that produce internationally recognized certification and that are tailored to the clients’ specific needs.


GTO Philippines wants to build long term relationships with various organizations and institutions, delivering solid solutions, highest quality training and efficient customer service.  Together, an immediate impact with the ultimate potential to reduce those over 300,000 annual deaths can be expected.  Our target is reducing that number by 30% at large scale.  That means 100,000 additional Filipinos are leading productive lives, providing for their families, contributing to the Philippine economy and supplying guidance and leadership for generations to come.


GTO Philippines is in the business of saving lives by delivering leading edge knowledge on how to successfully respond to the most likely medical emergencies. Being an international organization, GTO Philippines provides a turnkey, value add customized solutions designed to create effective first responders out of lay people. With its international profile married to a local operation in the country, GTO Philippines has a full grasp and understanding of the local challenges faced by the people in an emergency event. Hence, we have the ability to selectively apply international standards and practices to local scenarios and situations. Our international profile does not preclude our operation from providing appropriate learning solutions required by specific circumstances.


GTO Philippines only uses courses and content that is evidence-based from the Scientific and Educational perspective. Gto Philippines courses ensure the latest science and educational concepts as research evolves over time which includes materials and courses that constantly evolved with a complete scientific and educational review every 5 years to reflect the new CPR, ECC and other international guidelines. These revisions ensure further reduction of injuries and fatalities and that the skills and principles continue to be the most effective.


Our Mission is to deliver internationally certified training in the healthcare and lay marketplace through leading edge science, education and quality and by utilizing global relationships with scientific organizations, volunteers, governments and industry to develop and implement programs that will enable awareness and knowledge transfer of life-saving skills.

Training Calendar March 2016

For training / course details, please contact GTO Philippines at:

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