Getting our Barangays Ready for Disasters and Emergencies!!!

The successful SHAKEDRILL inititated by the MMDA on July 30, 2015 is clear proof of the people’s awareness and consciousness on the importance of preparedness and knowledge when MMDA shakedrilldisasters or natural calamities strike the country.

Such may have resulted from hard and unpleasant lessons learned from the devastation endured by the country from Ondoy, Habagat, Yolanda, and other less-catastrophic typhoon, earthquake, etc.

While disaster preparedness remains to be the government’s prime responsibility, it will not hurt if there are initiatives from private citizens and individuals geared towards making sure that basic life-saving skills and knowledge are acquired by the people, enough to get them ready to respond when emergencies occur.

Apart from knowing what one needs to do in the event of a makati Shakedrilldisastrous earthquake or typhoon, the citizens should be confident to take action and save a life, when the need arises.

Global Training Organization would like to invite all barangays in Metro Manila to take part in the first-ever BARANGAY CPR Seminar slated in the last quarter of the year. The initiative is aimed at teaching barangay workers or residents the basic knowledge and skill required to help save a life!


Barangay CPR seminar teaser tarp


For more details, please leave your message and contact details below for a call back!







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