A Growing Crisis in the Philippines and Worldwide

Someone in theIMG_5279_sm.tif world dies every other second from heart disease.  It is the largest killer and the most likely cause of death for you, a family member, colleague, friends, employees or fellow citizens.  In addition, millions of people die or are disabled due to injuries each year.



  • In the Philippines, 35% of all deaths are attributed to cardiovascular disease/events and close to 10% due to personal injury
  • 90% of all cardiac events or first aid emergencies occur in the workplace or at home with a fellow worker or family member present available to help if trained
  • About 92 percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital
  • Brain death or damage as well as permanent death start to occur in 4-6 minutes after someone experiences cardiac arrest
  • Every minute without CPR reduces the odds of survival by 10% with death almost certain after 10-12 minutes.  Average emergency response times in the most developed emergency dispatch systems are close to 10 minutes and by then it is often too late; Manila response times are well beyond that if available at all.    MRT-3
  • The most common first aid emergencies resulting in death or disability are: Electric Shock, Drowning, Severe Allergic Reactions, Choking, Drug Overdose, and Suffocation.

Cardiovascular Decease (CVD) touches every nation, every ethnicity and every walk of life, exacting staggering human and economic tolls.  Aside from the potential and likely impact on our personal lives, there is an obvious need to address deficiency in knowledge and skills across all market segments to increase the chance of survival through Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and other lifesaving techniques.

It takes a national effort to address a national threat.  At GTO, we believe this challenge presents an opportunity to save lives, combining both social responsibility as well as financial viability.

Our mission is to deliver international certified training in the healthcare and lay marketplace through leading edge science, education and quality.  One of our most important partnerships to accomplish our mission is as an Accredited International Training Center of the American Heart Association (AHA).

GTO utilizes the extensive scientific and educational concepts of the AHA to deliver courses for all segments of the market and for healthcare providers as well as people with little or no previous medical education.  Our main focus is training for the lay market in large volumes as this has the highest impact on local awareness and preparedness.  With our programs, we can teach you to be a life saver, enhance your current skills and provide you with a globally verifiable certification.


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